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Bad Kismet January 8, 2006

Posted by claus in Uncategorized.

Seems that some people have run into problems with Akismet, the spam stopper developed by Matt Mullenweg’s Automattic. The basic issue seems to be that the tool is turning up a far bigger number of false positives as it should.

I remember seeing a post on Planet WordPress a while back (unfortunately I can’t remember by whom it was) about spammers trying to trick stopper software by inserting comments with text and links that don’t contain obvious references to typical spam content, thus undermining the contextual barriers that these tools put up. It was exactly this that made me wary of installing Akismet, because I’m a bit skeptical of the whole checking-against-a-centralized-database idea. Some of the problems of the Akismet approach have already been mentioned here and there (and see also this comprehensive post).

I have to say so far I haven’t found a more efficient and neater product than WP-Morph.



1. Diego Sevilla - January 25, 2006

Well, really thanks for the mention 🙂


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